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Premier Polished Concrete specialises in creating beautiful and durable polished concrete flooring for homes and businesses. They use state-of-the-art tools and expertise to grind, polish and apply the sealer to achieve a smooth finish and a desired level of shine. With a short installation time, easy maintenance and high resistance to scratches and stains, polished concrete is a practical and cost-effective flooring solution. Whether for retail space, warehouses or commercial space, Premier Polished Concrete offers the perfect practical solution for homes with children or high foot traffic.

Polished Concrete

Why Choose Us?

Expect a service that comes with a quality guarantee that is in our name. Premium polishing and premium floor solutions on the Mornington Peninsula. We have been supporting partners in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for over 12 years.

Our team is well trained for operations and customer service. There isn’t a Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding client on the Mornington Peninsula that hasn’t been impressed with us. We are a passionate bunch of concrete floor technicians who are motivated by new opportunities to explore new, tailor-made solutions, every day.


Mechanical Polished Concrete

Mechanically polished concrete floors are the newest in polished applications. These are excellent structural additions because they harden the concrete by up to ten times, making the floor surface extremely durable as well as looking fantastic. Mechanically Polished Concrete floor’s start at the plant where it’s batched specifically to order, it’s then transported as a wet paste to site where it’s passed through the hands of the concreter who push, pulls, manipulates it, floats it, screeds it and finally trowels it, giving it its unique finish.

Pavilion Finish

This floor solution is best suited for outdoor areas on the property. It delivers an elegant and functional surface that is not slippery and smooth underfoot. The process begins with the professional grinding down of the concrete surface to a fully exposed area. A mix is poured over the floor in coats, to dissolve the concrete further to expose the stone and create a naturally textured surface. The technician will then seal it to the desired finish.

An acid mix is poured over the floor repeatedly, dissolving the top of the concrete, exposing the aggregate(stone) out of the slab, creating a natural textured, non-slip surface. It can then be sealed to the desired finish.

Floor Preparation

Our concrete floor applications are resilient, beating average industry expectations because we take the time to perform premium floor preparation. We’re highly trained experts in floor preparation techniques. We can quickly and professionally remove old direct stick carpet, tiles or grind back glue or existing coatings and renew them. Not many concrete polishing service providers can also include proper preparation servicing in their range of expertise. Avoid outsourcing another company and choose Premium Polished Concrete and Grinding to do both.

Grind & Seal

This application can offer a similar look to mechanically polished concrete but is more affordable and more labour intensive. Grind & seal applications imply exactly what the name says. The concrete surface is ground down and then coated. It is low maintenance and offers a completely non-porous surface and does not harbour bacteria. Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding promises grind & seal treatment that is long-lasting and equally durable at looking elegant.

Factory Cleaning

If you’re in need of comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions for your facility, you’ve come to the right place. At Premier Polished Concrete, we specialise in providing high-quality industrial cleaning services to businesses of all sizes around the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Our team is experienced in providing factory cleaning services that ensure your facility is clean, safe and fully operational.

About Us

We have a decade-long legacy of offering versatile concrete floor solutions to Mornington Peninsula’s finest properties. Transforming a dull concrete slab into a contemporary feature with our own hands gives us the highest sense of accomplishment. This business was founded 12 years ago by Josh Potocnik with the hopes of innovating the world of concrete polishing and grinding in the region. We specialise in several different finishes and services.

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