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A major element of all home or commercial improvement projects is the time required for sound preparation. Without it, many projects will start to show some cracks sooner than usual and that leaves many clients unsatisfied. This is all the same for concrete polishing, which requires professional preparation to ensure that the work is done to the highest standard at all times. Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding offers custom preparation services for all of our domestic, commercial, and industrial clients on the Mornington Peninsula. This means that we can safely, quickly, and effectively remove any finishing on top of the concrete surface on your property.

What is concrete floor levelling?

Concrete floor levelling is the process of smoothing out a concrete surface in order to create a flat and level floor. This process is often used to prepare a concrete floor for other treatments, such as carpeting or tile. It can also be used to fix uneven spots or to make a floor easier to clean. The process typically involves grinding down the surface and filling in any low spots with a self-leveling compound.

Why floor preparation is important for polished concrete applications?

Not all floors are immediately primed for concrete polishing solutions. Before we can even consult clients on pricing and installation requirements, often we need to assess the condition of the floor we’ll be polishing.

The quality, existing materials, and structural strength of the initial surface is the key factor in deciding the type of equipment and diamond tooling to use. It will also change the time and level of expertise required to complete the job and to complete it properly.

Choose us for polished Floor preparation

Our concrete floor applications are resilient, beating average industry expectations because we take the time to perform premium floor preparation.

We can quickly and professionally remove old direct stick carpet, tiles, or grind back glue or existing coatings and renew them. Not many concrete polishing service companies can also include proper preparation servicing in their range of expertise. Avoid outsourcing another company and choose Premium Polished Concrete and Grinding to do both.

3 Steps to Polishing Concrete Floor Preparation

Repair chips and cracks

Floors need to look as flawless as possible before polishing can take place. Our experts will use different techniques to deal with various forms of damage. This is to create a layer that is as smooth and uniform as possible. Patching or filling formulas will be used for cracks, dips, and scratches. Deeper damage to the surface can also be prepped for polish with a light coating material for overlaying concrete floors. Ultimately, this part of the job requires the knowledge of a concrete floor repairs specialist who can make sure that the area is level.

Filling and attending to joints

We also have to deal with the contracting, isolation, and construction of joints before commencing the process of a successfully polished floor. This will reduce the chances of chipping and spalling in joint edges and this is important especially in commercial settings subject to heavy forklift and other vehicle traffic.

Cleaning the concrete floor

Older concrete floors will need some cleaning before we begin polishing. Concrete can develop stains over time, and we’ll have to remove them beforehand because they will impede the quality of the polish if left unattended. We may use de-greasers and detergents to remove light or small oil stains. Cleaning also helps to remove any adhesives on the concrete, used for the previous flooring, before we begin polishing.

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