Do concrete overlays last?

Regular concrete floors tend to be boring for those with more creative design aspirations at heart. Even though there are many options on the market, not all of them can be done across all kinds of concrete floors. The new, more accessible standard for rejuvenation is slowly locking in on concrete overlays in the Mornington Peninsula. Concrete overlays require meticulous installation and aren’t exactly cheap, so it’s no surprise that you are wondering how long they last. It’s natural for property owners to know that they are making a worthwhile investment in installation concrete overlays, and we want you to know that you are! The treatment won’t just stay in good shape for long, but it can also give your old existing concrete a new life. Let’s explore further how long a concrete overlay lasts, how to maintain them and what is involved in keeping them in good shape. 

What are concrete overlays?

Concrete overlay is commonly known to be an enhancement technique that repairs the surface of your aggregate by placing a cap of new material over the existing base slab. Concrete overlays are very flexible applications of architecture because they can also be mechanically polished and ground back and sealed after the overlay is applied. Professionally installed concrete floor overlays can offer longevity for as long as 25 years in the right conditions and more if the overlay is regularly re-sealed and maintained. Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding has a flagship installation that ensures excellent quality overlay will stand the test of time. Concrete overlays can offer equally great results (when compared to other polishing techniques) if your existing concrete floor isn’t in great condition to offer other services like grind & seal or mechanical polish. 

How long does concrete overlay last?

The most typical lifespan of a basic concrete overlay is set at 10 to 15 years but can last for double this time if you choose a technician that does the installation to the highest standard. You should check that the technician is properly qualified for polished concrete and overlay work based on the government’s training stipulation. Once you cross-check your technician for reliability, you can also trust that your overlay will last for many decades. The longevity also depends on the overlay material quality, the amount of prep work done to the concrete, and the amount of regular maintenance. Some of these things are typical steps involved in how concrete is polished and they have to be handled with care. Concrete overlay is meant to last a long time but there is the added benefit of breathing new life into your old concrete. Here is a detailed list of the main factors that influence how long a concrete overlay lasts:

  • The overlay material quality and the proper mixing of materials
  • Floor preparation and prep work
  • High quality installation will ensure that cracking and lifting doesn’t happen
  • The amount of experience and expertise your chosen technician has
  • Regular maintenance and re-sealing
  • Foot traffic and usage of the overlay after installation
  • The existing condition of the concrete beneath

Even though concrete overlays are an effective way to rejuvenate old concrete, if it is already damaged, cracked, or shifting due to shifting ground, the overlay will not last awfully long. Whatever the underlying issues are causing cracking in the concrete, they are also likely to cause cracking in the overlay too. The same applies to inferior quality materials. Some service providers, or the clients who contact them, try to cut costs by using cheaper materials for installation. Poor quality materials are likely to deliver on poor lasting concrete overlays. 

Will concrete overlay crack?

Many wonder about how expensive polished concrete is among other concrete floor treatments. Compared to more technical polished concrete applications, a concrete overlay is a cheaper alternative, but how durable is it? Well, we can confirm that it is exceptionally durable because the modern surface materials have a higher tensile strength than concrete, especially the overlay varieties that include epoxy. The actual overlay itself is very durable but just like with any structural technique, if the foundation is unstable, everything else tends to fall apart. It is tough enough to withstand even more battering than concrete, but unfortunately, this isn’t guaranteed across all installations due to some of the factors we mentioned earlier. Overlays will only crack and lift if the technician hasn’t followed through with proper installation. Installation can also involve the proper mixing of materials, floor preparation or if the technician ignores the cracking and moving of the substrate underneath. It is for these reasons that it is almost impossible for the concrete overlay to easily crack, break, or be damaged somehow. By almost impossible, this means that there is a slight chance that it will crack because it is also nearly impossible to ensure perfect adhesion to the concrete base. However, in most cases, this damage only happens over an extended time and can be prevented by using proper installation and maintenance techniques, as well as good-quality materials.

How to repair cracked concrete overlay?

Concrete overlay, as the name suggests, is ultimately a film of surfacer on top of your existing concrete surface. The application aims to create a near-perfect adhesion between the two layers. Even if that is achieved, these are still two entirely separate entities that can’t be magically forged into one. One layer may shift while the other doesn’t, or environmental factors can cause delamination between the layers. Delamination will cause weak spots in certain parts of the overlay, and they make them susceptible to cracks. Cracks are a highly unlikely occurrence but if you spot any, they can be repaired. Repairs require that the cracks are widened before filling them or filling in more minor cracks before becoming larger ones. As soon as any cracks appear, it is best to consult with your local concrete overlay technician who can advise on whether to repair the cracks or replace the overlay.

Concrete floor overlays in the Mornington Peninsula

Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding is a multi-talented concrete floor solutions company and that means we can do it all. Whether it’s concrete polishing or professional micro-topping overlays in the Mornington Peninsula.  These are only two of the many options available to you to finally achieve that glossy finish on your concrete floors and we are committed to working with you to tailor-make a Polished Concrete solution that exceeds your aspirations. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula and can service clients in the general S.E suburbs area.

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