How much does polished concrete cost ?

Whether it is some renovation work or a brand new construction project, more and more Australians are turning to polished concrete & grinding as an affordable and stylish solution for their floors. Not only are they best-suited for even the tightest budget they are also one of the more durable options for floors. You cannot deny that the smooth sheen on polished concrete has an attractive feel about it and a timeless feel. The team at Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding has done a lot of work in homes, commercial spaces and the industrial market and we’re most asked about the cost of polished concrete. You’ll be surprised to find, that it is generally very affordable when compared to other floor options as you read on. 

How much does polished concrete cost?

Depending on where you are based in Australia, you can come across different prices for polished concrete. The cost may be cheaper in main metropolitan areas of the country because they have commercial spaces where concrete polishing technicians are easily available and offer competitive pricing. After all, it is a competitive market. Areas that aren’t city-centers, like Queensland for instance, don’t have has many service providers operating there so the pricing is much more expensive. Polished concrete is usually priced per square metre and the more advanced techniques, like mechanical polished concrete, are more expensive per square metre than other application types. 

Factors that contribute to the cost of polished concrete

  • Shine levels

Different polishing techniques can affect the level of sheen you want to achieve. The shinier the finish the more steps involved in the polishing process. More steps ultimately translates into higher cost. You can also opt for a matt finish if gloss isn’t your preferred choice. 

  • The size of the room

As already stated, concrete polishing is usually priced per square metre. Therefore, the larger the room the more expensive the overall cost will be. However, you may find a service provider that offers flexible pricing that makes the price per square foot considerably less for larger spaces. Projects that have multiple rooms that require concrete polishing will make the work more complicated because there are more edges and doorways to work around. This means that our technicians will have to use different kinds of handheld equipment to maintain a consistent polish from corner to corner. This would naturally make the overall cost higher. 

  • Current flooring and its condition

Floor preparation is a key element of concrete polishing. It involves the removal, cleaning, or stripping of any current flooring before the polishing can begin. Projects that need floor preparation will have added costs to complete the work. You would need floor preparation if your current flooring has a carpet or is covered in any type of epoxy. There is a layer of product that is also used under tiled surfaces and even that needs technical skills for removal. The condition of the existing floor can also affect the price of the polishing. If there are cracks, scratches, stains, or holes, they will need repairing before the surface can be ground and polished. In some cases, you may need an overlay before polishing and this can add a dollar or two to the cost per square metre.

The cost of maintenance

The main issue we come across as a service provider on the Mornington Peninsula is the lack of proper floor maintenance of polished concrete. Polished concrete is highly durable but it still needs a maintenance program which must be established at installation to keep it looking good-as-new. Property owners and managers have to stick to it to make sure that you can enjoy its life-long sheen. Maintenance requirements can change based on whether the floor is installed in a high- or low-traffic area. A technician will do regular touch-ups where a polishing machine, which has built-in diamond pads, is used to transform the floor back to its original sheen. Your floors will also need regular cleaning with a neutral cleaner and pads, acidic or strong products will affect the polish and should be avoided. We have a detailed guide about how to clean polished floors to assist you. Solvent sealers used on polished concrete floors will need recoating every 4 or so years but more expensive applications will ensure a less frequent maintenance schedule. 

We’re not just concrete experts here at Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding, we’re also perfectionists when it comes to floor solutions. There are many options available to you to finally achieve that glossy finish on your concrete floors and we are committed to working with you to tailor a Polished Concrete solution that exceeds your aspirations. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, servicing all of the S.E Suburbs, Gippsland, Melbourne, and Victoria. 

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