Is polished concrete slippery?

Shiny does not mean slippery and even though we can deliver on the glossiest polished concrete floor finish on the Mornington Peninsula, it doesn’t mean you’re in any slip danger. The surface may look as though it is much smoother than other floor materials, and maybe this is because it is as reflective as glass, but we can ensure you that they are not slippery when wet or otherwise. This is why they are so popular in commercial and even industrial properties because they provide durable, anti-slip flooring that still maintains its pretty look. There are also practical measures you can use to improve the slip resistance of your polished concrete floors but that is addressed later. 

Is polished concrete slippery when dry?

The answer here is no. Polished concrete floors are still highly porous and that means that there is a lot of traction on the surface. Keep your polished concrete floor clean and it has as much grip as regular concrete floors which are known for being slip-proof. Pavilion finish floors are often the best surfaces if you are after non-slip floors.

Is polished concrete slippery when wet?

The answer here, which should signal no surprise, is no as well. Polished concrete floors still maintain superior slip resistance even when they are wet. You can watch a multitude of videos on YouTube with live demonstrations of the traction on wet polished concrete and you may even be surprised. In some instances, wet polished concrete floors are even less slippery than when they are dry because of the porous surface. You can tell by how it is slightly less easy to wipe up any wet spots or spills on the surface. We still want to warn you that spilled oils and chemicals can still pose slip hazards and other safety issues. If you are worried about cleaning them up, we have a detailed cleaning guide to help ease your worries. 

Polished concrete floor can be slippery when dusty

Dust is the number one issue to concern yourself with when it comes to polished concrete floors. That is why daily cleaning is so important and a standard of cleanliness must be maintained at all times. The surface can become exceptionally slippery when exposed to dry powder or fine dust. That is because it glides over the surface and settles there which makes it difficult to walk on.

The main fundamental principle of keeping your polished concrete floor clean is to always clear the surfaces of dust, dirt, and grime. You can use vacuums designed for wooden floors for daily cleaning duties. Dust mopping is another option for daily cleaning requirements. You can use a standard microfiber dust mop both dry and with clean water for non-abrasive cleaning.

How to improve slip resistance on polished concrete floors?

  • Get rid of any oil, grease, water, or other liquid spills as quickly as possible. The surface is highly porous and will absorb these substances and, in some cases, can stain due to them. 
  • Try an anti-slip conditioner, even though your polished concrete doesn’t necessarily need it. These products have additives applied to the formula which improve traction and make wet surfaces safer. You can mop anti-slip conditioners periodically on the floor’s surface during any routine cleaning you have planned. 
  • Ask a professional to apply a sealer coat because they contain grit additives. There are already additives mixed into the sealer used during the polishing process, which is why polished concrete floors are never slippery in normal conditions. However, should you be concerned about particular areas, a professional can apply a sealer that increases traction without compromising the appearance of the polished surface.
  • Use stylish and understated rubber mats or rugs in high traffic areas. Certain sections of your polished concrete floors are more likely to experience heavier foot traffic, and these are areas where the sealant can be worn down over time. You can prevent this by using mats to protect it from accelerated wear and tear. 

The anti-slip nature of polished concrete floors is only one of many advantages of choosing this floor solution for your property. Even the toughest environments, like some of Australia’s more rural construction or industrial sites, rely on polished concrete floors because they are easy to clean and completely safe to work on. They are extremely durable throughout their life and can give you decades worth of value in good looks and structural toughness. The only thing they need from you is a little bit of maintenance along the way to keep the surface non-slippery and beautifully glossy. Routine cleaning should include cleaning the floor free of dust and debris with soft brush bristled brooms or dry micro-fibred mops. Considering how much concrete floors can cost you, this is a small effort. 

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