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Not all floors are in perfect condition for polished concrete treatments in the Mornington Peninsula. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy refreshed and beautiful concrete flooring solutions. Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding insists on the use of non-hazardous cementitious concrete micro-topping that is designed to give beautifully solid concrete flooring in residential and commercial applications. Concrete Micro-topping is a polymer modified cement-based floor coating and it is an exciting application because colours can be integrated into the formula. Various coloured oxides can be added to change colour appearance.

Benefits of micro-topping overlays

Low-maintenance and easy upkeep

After we have professionally completed the application of your micro topping overlay, it’s important that you do some upkeep but this isn’t anything to fret about. The way that you care for your newly micro-topped concrete floor is similar to what is required of other overlayed surfaces like wood floors. That means it requires daily cleaning with a mop, water and a ph.-neutral cleaner. Even though this concrete flooring solution is complicated to install, it offers excellent looks that you can treat like any other flooring by committing to regular and routine cleaning.

Design toughness

Micro topping overlays are an exciting venture for any interior decorator because they offer long-lasting. Our team is excellent at hand trowel micro toppings and that means you can enjoy a smooth aesthetic that will last for longer than you can imagine. Trowel finished floors are one of the more unique concrete solutions because no floor will look the same to ne next. The unique application of the trowel will ensure taht you have a pattern that becomes a unique aesthetic features. Similar to other concrete solutions like grind & seal, micro topping is finished by sealing the floor with a 2 pack water-based epoxy. Micro-topping is a versatile application that can offer smooth surfaces and also those with a little more grit to combat friction. Micro-topping is one of few ways to enhance concrete and it has many benefits. This is an excellent option if your current concrete is in too poor condition to grind & seal or mechanically polish. You may also enjoy this finish if you need services to be chased into the floor and there are restrictions in finishing heights

Durability & sturdiness

Even if it wasn’t the root cause of the installation, micro-topping can help you add strength and durability to your flooring. The installation process involves a very thin application of the materials but does not underestimate their toughness. Micro-topping can add an element of design to any property, but it is also an excellent way to improve the durability of your flooring system. 

How to install micro-topping overlays on your concrete

Micro topping overlay can be applied with a number of tools but there are high-level ones only available to qualified technicians on the Mornington Peninsula. This may vary from a trowel, concrete finishing trowel, or a hopper gun attached to a compressor. Each unique tool offers a different result for our clients, and we love to explore what works best for them. The process is more complicated than this obviously and it includes the following:
This is where the real performance of your concrete floor comes from. The sealer provides the durability, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance for your floor.

Micro topping overlays that can’t be beat

We are micro-topping overlay experts with extensive experience in the Mornington Peninsula. This is a skill that we have perfected for more than a decade now and we can add your project to the lengthy list of successful ventures for our company. We have been using this technique to create gorgeous surface solutions for a wide range of clientele and your project won’t be any new. Our team is more than proficient at customising concrete polishing and coatings, and we offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients on new or existing floors

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