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Mornington Peninsula's Best Pavilion Finish Floor Specialists

Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding is proficient in Pavilion Finish concrete floor installations. Pavilion finishes are designed to work in outdoor areas that are exposed to moisture or wetness frequently. That’s because the application results in floors that are not slippery, extra durable but still maintain a semi-smooth feel. Clients on the Mornington Peninsula usually rely on our expert Pavilion Finish servicing for their patios, pool decks, outdoor entertainment areas, or more. In some cases, we’ve even designed custom applications for pool houses, driveways, and other unusual areas which require a beautiful but low maintenance finish. Our team has been trained to offer a Pavilion finish that cannot be matched, will last a lifetime, and will be a design feature that gets friends or work colleagues inspired.

Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding installation

This floor solution is best suited for outdoor areas on the property. It delivers an elegant and functional surface that is not slippery and smooth underfoot. The process begins with the professional grinding down of the concrete surface to a fully exposed area. A mix is poured over the floor in coats, to dissolve the concrete further to expose the stone and create a naturally textured surface. The technician will then seal it to the desired finish. An acid mix is poured over the floor repeatedly, dissolving the top of the concrete, exposing the aggregate(stone) out of the slab, creating a natural textured, non-slip surface. After which it can be sealed to the desired finish. We use the same premium grade penetrating sealers that we use with mechanically polished concrete on our pavilion finish. This ensures it does not sit on top of the concrete like regular topical sealers which can become slippery when wet, and aids in giving our pavilion finish its non-slip characteristics.

Benefits of Pavilion Finished concrete floor

If you are looking for a reliable concrete polishing company to give you a Pavilion Finish that lasts, look no further than Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding. We have established ourselves as an authority and senior service provider in the Mornington Peninsula for more than a decade now and that includes nearby locations in SE suburbs. We have cutting-edge equipment and only source the highest quality materials to ensure polishing and grinding immaculate work. Although we have an excellent arsenal of tools, we also employ an excellent team, with the required expertise to execute an application that will leave you happy. We offer Pavilion Finish concrete polishing for domestic, commercial, and industrial settings and there isn’t a job we haven’t been able to do. We will expose the right surface for the right finish you are looking for. Our service is friendly, fast, and functional for any application budget.

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