What is mechanically polished concrete?

There are beautiful flooring solutions then there’s the next level – polished concrete. Not only do we offer polished concrete in Mornington Peninsula that has unbeatable value in looks and function, but we also install it with our flagship long-lasting finish. The glossy sheen is the stuff of dreams, and we have various finishings available to you. Mechanically polished concrete is the most cutting-edge application in our world. It is a unique installation that involves grinding, honing and polishing a surface using diamond-bonded abrasives before applying a chemical hardener to densify the concrete. It’s only one kind of technique but it is slowly becoming the most popular. It comes with a couple of benefits that you can enjoy for a lifetime, but we’ll explain all that and more right here. 

What is polished concrete? 

Polished concrete is the skilled technique of using heavy-duty polishing machines, outfitted with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated segments or disks, to gradually hone down concrete surfaces. It can be compared to the process of sandpaper because it is a smoothening technique. Just like sandpaper, the machines we use scrape away at minor pits, blemishes, stains, and light coatings from the floor. The polish in polished concrete is the desired shine and smoothness. Many people wonder if polished concrete is slippery because of how smooth the surface looks after the treatment but there’s nothing to worry about! The surface will retain its high-grip, low-slip feel.

How to mechanically polish concrete?

This all depends on the condition of your existing concrete. The initial grinding process is a multi-step process. This is then followed by the use of diamond abrasives embedded in a plastic or resin to “fine grind” the floor. This is done until the floor has the desired sheen. Projects that are after an extremely high-gloss finish is required will need a final grit of 1500 or finer may be used. Our experienced polished concrete crew will then apply a chemical hardener or densifier to penetrate the concrete, creating a reaction that hardens and dust-proofs the surface.

Benefits of mechanically polished concrete

There’s nothing like the look of glossy floors and it’s all about its understated elegance. Not many other surfaces are universally beautiful and adaptable for a wide range of applications. Tiles, carpets, or stained wood might go out of style, but a shiny polished floor has been sought after by interior designers and architects for years. The Australian government even advocates for its environmentally sustainable qualities on its Your Home platform. There are many more benefits to enjoy:

  • Strengthening of floor surface
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Dust-free, slip-free, and stain-resistant surfaces
  • Improved reflectivity and ambient lighting
  • Less maintenance
  • Customisable application options
  • Green Star Council of Australia friendly

What is the difference between sealed and polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a singular flooring technique, but it offers a variety of finishes. Some people may mistake sealed concrete for a polished concrete finish. There are major differences in the cost, technique, and the final finish you can benefit from. Polished concrete is achieved with the use of finer grits of diamond abrasives. However, with sealed concrete, the final finish is achieved from a high-performance sealer. This application can offer a similar look to mechanically polished concrete but is much more affordable and much more labour intensive. Grind and seal applications imply exactly what the name says. The concrete surface is ground down and then coated.

How much does polished concrete cost

Depending on where you are based in Australia, you can come across different prices for polished concrete. The cost may be cheaper in main metropolitan areas of the country because they have commercial spaces where concrete polishing technicians are easily available and offer competitive pricing. The average rate, across the country, for grind and seal polished concrete begins at about $50 – $65 per square metre. Honed concrete starts at a higher rate of $75 per square metre. Mechanically polished concrete, one of the more sophisticated applications, may cost $100 or more per square metre. 

Professionally polished concrete servicing in S.E Suburbs

Mechanically Polished Concrete requires remarkably high levels of craftsmanship, training, and equipment to properly deliver an amazing floor solution that delivers polished and buffed surfaces to the point where they shine and shine indefinitely. There are many options available to you to finally achieve that glossy finish on your concrete floors and we are committed to working with you to tailor a Polished Concrete solution that exceeds your aspirations. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula and can service clients in the general S.E suburbs area.  

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