What is Pavilion finish?

Concrete floors can be finished in many exciting ways for many different applications. Hotel lobbies may want a high-sheen mechanical polish in Mornington Peninsula and some people want a classic grind & seal for their garages. One technique not often explored is a technique called pavilion finish and it is an excellent choice for outdoor applications. You’ll find that it works well for the concrete around the pool or the benchtops by the hosting area. Not many people are very familiar with pavilion finish, but we always recommend it to our customers because it isn’t just stunning to look at, it also introduces the perfect texture of floors for exterior purposes. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more. 

What is Pavilion finish?

Pavilion finish is also commonly known amongst professional polished concrete contracting as acid etching. Acid etching, or pavilion finish, is a process that removes the surface concrete through detailed grinding with complicated tools and machinery. We begin by removing the surface cement to expose the colour and the texture of the existing concrete floor alone. Our technician will apply an application of a diluted hydrochloric acid formula, to etch your concrete. It leaves you with a brand-new floor that has an attractive finish that is similar in appearance to the traditional exposed aggregate driveways. It also has the added benefit of smoothening the surface so that it is comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet on those sunny days. The aggregate is either ground to be completely flat or only slightly exposed and doesn’t trap dirt in it. 

This is one of the greatest advantages of pavilion finish for exterior surfaces. It produces a non-slip finish that can really up the safety in outdoor areas including driveways, pathways, pool surrounds and barbecue areas. These surfaces are even less slippery when wet believe it or not. We have more information to answer concerns about how slippery polished concrete floors are but you can take our word for it, they’re perfect for preventing slips in typical high-accident zones. The application can be carried out on new and old concrete; however, the surface must meet specific standards, and should never be attempted by unprofessional technicians.

How to install pavilion finish to concrete floors?

The process begins with routine floor preparation that ensures that the surface is primed for installation. Preparation and regular maintenance are both necessary tools to keep your pavilion finish floors in good condition for years. We have a cleaning and maintenance guide for your reference. The installation process then includes grinding down the concrete to a fully exposed smooth aggregate. We’ll safely apply an acid mix over the floor repeatedly to dissolve the top of the concrete. Then the aggregate is exposed to create a natural textured, non-slip surface. After which it can be sealed to the desired finish and sealing is a whole different job of its own. Pavilion finish is unique in that it relies on the quality of the existing surface to determine quality, aggregate distribution and colour. It’s a good idea to give us a call beforehand to discuss design options and the quality of the concrete to achieve your desired finish. This technique is much less complicated than the typical polishing styles, but it does require some complicated handiwork.

Benefits of pavilion finish on concrete floors

Pavilion finishes are designed to work in outdoor areas that are exposed to moisture or wetness frequently. That’s because the application results in floors that are not slippery, extra durable but still maintain a semi-smooth feel. The Australian government even advocates for its environmentally sustainable qualities on its Your Home platform. There are many more benefits to enjoy:

  • Non-slip finish which improves the texture for safe use
  • The finish can last for several decades
  • Maintenance is easy and doesn’t need to be done frequently
  • Improves the design quality of any outdoor area
  • Excellent investment that continues to add value for decades
  • Easy to clean and only requires a mop and water

Professional pavilion finish floors in Mornington Peninsula

If you are looking for a reliable concrete polishing company to give you a Pavilion Finish that lasts, look no further than Premier Polished Concrete and Grinding. We’re only one phone call away and can be reached on 0423 22 466. We have established ourselves as an authority and senior service provider in the Mornington Peninsula for more than a decade now and that includes nearby locations in SE suburbs. We have cutting-edge equipment and only source the highest quality materials to ensure polishing and grinding immaculate work.

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