Grind & Seal

A Grind and Seal is a great option if you are looking to give your home, office or outdoor area a modern look and feel for only a fraction of the price of a traditional mechanically polished floor. A Grind and Seal involves half the amount of steps that go into our mechanically polished concrete.

A Grind and Seal finish is achieved by grinding the floor to the level of exposure desired by the client. We then continue to grind the floor with a less aggressive diamond to remove scratches.

Depending on the finish the client wants to achieve, we can add a grouting step to try and fill most, if not, all of the pin holes which appear once the concrete has been opened up and the aggregate exposed.

Once this step is complete and the concrete has been smoothed off once again, we remove all of the surface dust and apply 2 coats of low VOC sealer in the client’s chosen sheen; Matte, Satin or Gloss.

Although this is a more cost effective option, there are many benefits a Grind and Seal finish offers such as adding Grit and Beading to the coating to enhance slip resistance, which a mechanical polished floor cannot.

Several other benefits include: 

  • Stain resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Less labour intensive
  • UV stabilised
  • Can be applied to all concrete floors
  • More cost effective system than mechanically polished floors
  • Easy cleaning.

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