Mechanical Polished Concrete

No Mechanically Polished Concrete floor is the same. Every project has its own unique characteristics and cannot be replicated.

Your Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) floor started at the plant where it was batched to your direction, it was then transported as a wet paste to your property where it passed through the hands of the concreter who pushed and pulled it, manipulated it, float it, screed it and finally troweled it, giving it its own unique finish.

Many of these characteristics can be seen once a grinder has passed over the slab cutting off the slurry and exposing the aggregate (stones), then enhancing and bringing to light all of the concrete’s features and peculiarities. Many variables come into play to produce your MPC floor during the curing process, humidity, sunshine, temperature, and shade, just to name a few.

Once your concrete has cured for a period of 10-21 days, it is then ready for us to place our grinders on to the slab and start exposing the aggregate to the desired level of exposure whether that be minimal, random or full stone exposure.

If you desire, we can polish only the surface. For this finish to be successful the concreters need to burnish the slab 100% perfectly flat without any high or low spots. This process gives you a creamy industrial concrete look which will enhance any trowel marks or imperfections that are already on the surface.

Our refined 19 step polishing process uses a variety of different diamond tooling, grout and densifiers that chemically react with the concrete to bring the matrix (concrete between the aggregate) to the same density as the aggregate to enable us to begin the polishing process. There are three sheen levels we offer; Matte (400grit), Satin (800) and High Gloss (3000).

Not all existing concrete floors can be polished depending on their condition. However, if deemed possible there may not be much choice regarding your stone exposure. For concrete to be polished it has to be honed 100% flat first. To start polishing, all diamond resin segments need come in contact with every inch of the floor as we make passes with the grinder, tightening and closing up the pours of the concrete with every pass which slowly begins the polishing process.

Once the floor has been polished to the desired level of sheen, then using a top of the range premium penetrating sealer, the MPC floor gets sealed trying to prevent it from nasty staining substances.

The finished results will take your breath away whilst keeping you warm or cool due to its high thermal mass properties.

**It is important to remember with mechanically polished concrete, not all concrete can be polished hence it is vital that the selected concreter doing the project is aware of your intentions with the slab. If the concreter hasn’t finished a slab to be polished in the past, please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what is required.

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