Is polished concrete expensive?

When it comes to investments towards improving your property, we strongly suggest against trying to cut corners or skimming on cash. These are very expensive assets that deserve work that is properly done to avoid cheapening the market value in the long run. You should apply this theory to polished concrete applications. 

Is polished concrete expensive? No, it is actually more affordable than it looks, and considering how easy it is to maintain, you’ll notice that it is in fact a very sound investment for any home, commercial or industrial property. You may be shocked to realize that polished concrete is an affordable floor solution just by the looks of its luxurious sheen, but the good news is, that any budget can work to achieve it. 

Polished concrete types/desired finishes can fit any budget

The amazing thing about polished concrete floors is that even though there are different techniques, they can all deliver the glossy finish that you are after. Even seasoned professionals cannot always tell the difference between the finish of the cheaper option (grind & seal polished floors) when compared to the most expensive (mechanical polished floors). There are many ways to go about polishing concrete and that gives property owners the flexibility to have a project tailor-made based on any budget. 

What makes polished concrete expensive?

  • How much grinding is required?

The costs are ultimately dependent on how much grinding down is needed. Light grinds will be cheaper than deeper grinds that need diamond pads. Lighter grinds are still perfectly capable of resulting in a luxurious look while still being the most economical option. 

  • Residential vs commercial spaces

Polished concrete work will often cost less when done in large commercial spaces, such as warehouses or retail shops. Commercial spaces are often big, wide-open areas and larger equipment is used here. This is because there are fewer obstacles to work around and it makes the work easier to do. Smaller properties like homes or similar usually have tighter floor space and they may have more corners and doorways involved. This means the pricing will be higher because different equipment is required to get into smaller spaces. 

Is polished concrete more expensive than other flooring materials? 

Polished concrete is growing in popularity across Australia because people are realizing that it is often less expensive than other flooring options. It is cheaper to install but also requires much less long-term costs for maintenance. Polished concrete needs some mopping now and then and a touch-up every 4 years, but it is sure to last a lifetime. There is a more detailed cleaning guide for you to turn to if you need to but you’ll find that it is not all that complicated.  The other surfaces listed below may not offer the same benefits. 

  • Tile flooring vs polished concrete

Ceramic tiles are a beloved flooring solution across the country because they offer a wide variety of design options and have a good lifespan. The initial cost can be much more expensive than polished concrete because the materials are pricey, and it is highly technical work. There is also the constant requirement of grout cleaning. 

  • Hardwood floors 

Hardwood floors are not as durable as polished concrete floors because the surface can be scratched or dented if something extremely heavy is dropped on it. Wood and laminate flooring is vulnerable to water damage and mould build-up, and this can be very expensive to fix. Grind & seal polished concrete can cost half as much and is basically invulnerable against moisture-related damage. 

  • Floorboards

Polished concrete floors are much less expensive than floorboards. They are also the more economical choice for long-term flooring resilience because it is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. If installed well, your polished concrete floors can last for over half a decade without the need for any major maintenance. 

How much does polished concrete cost

Depending on where you are based in Australia, you can come across different prices for polished concrete. The cost may be cheaper in main metropolitan areas of the country because they have commercial spaces where concrete polishing technicians are easily available and offer competitive pricing. After all, it is a competitive market. Areas that aren’t city-centres, like Queensland for instance, don’t have has many service providers operating there so the pricing is much more expensive. Polished concrete is usually priced per square metre and the more advanced techniques, like mechanical polished concrete, are more expensive per square metre than other application types. The average rate, across the country, for grind and seal polished concrete begins at about $50 – $65 per square metre. Honed concrete starts at a higher rate of $75 per square metre. Mechanically polished, one of the more sophisticated applications, may cost $100 or more per square metre. There is also the additional cost of floor preparation to consider if it is required.

We’re not just concrete experts here at Premier Polished Concrete & Grinding, we’re also perfectionists when it comes to floor solutions. There are many options available to you to finally achieve that glossy finish on your concrete floors and we are committed to working with you to tailor a Polished Concrete solution that exceeds your aspirations. We are based on the Mornington Peninsula, servicing all of the S.E Suburbs, Gippsland, Melbourne, and Victoria. 

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