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Mechanical Polished Concrete

The finished results will take your breath away.

No Mechanically Polished Concrete floor is the same. Every project has its own unique characteristics and cannot be replicated.

You’re Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) floor started at the plant where it was batched to your direction, it was then transported as a wet paste to your property where it passed through the hands of the concreter who pushed and pulled it, manipulated it, float it, screed it and finally troweled it, giving it its own unique finish.

Pavilion Finish

A Pavilion Finish can transform any old or new concrete into a beautiful and practical finish. The end result is a flat modern exposed aggregate look without giving you any sharp uncomfortable pain underfoot, which is generally felt with exposed aggregate.

Perfect for driveways, pool surroundings, garden paths, sheds, patios and car ports.

Grind & Seal

A Grind and Seal is a great option for those who are looking to give their home, office or outdoor area a modern look and feel for only a fraction of the price of a traditional mechanically polished floor. A Grind and Seal involves half the amount of steps that go into our mechanically polished concrete.

A Grind and Seal finish is achieved by grinding the floor to the level of exposure desired by the client. We then continue to grind the floor with a less aggressive diamond to remove scratches.

Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation is a vital step in installing new floor coverings. Many times this step is overlooked or completed to a poor standard by inexperienced or untrained operators.

Premier PCG are experts in Floor Preparation, whether it be removing old direct stick carpet, tiles or grinding back glue or existing coatings and renewing them. If it’s fastened or adhered concrete we have the skill-set, knowhow and man power to get the job done within the designated timeframe.

Polished Bench Tops & Harths

Polished Concrete bench tops among other features are quickly becoming a common feature inside homes and throughout gardens across Australia and it’s easy to see why.

There really are no limits to what can be created as long as you have the right imagination and team at your disposal.

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